About Us

Perma Healthcare Private Limited is a premier Nutrition & Wellness company with a difference. We are distinguished by our life-changing product-range which is Safe, Effective, and at the Forefront of International Research & Trends.

In 2003, in our pursuit to offer globally accepted and scientifically researched products, we stepped into the market for the first time in India, with an amazing nutraceutical Biolane GLME® targeting arthritic and rheumatic problems in humans under the brand name Healtheries Seatone. Biolane GLME is Manufactured by Vitaco Health (NZ) Ltd in a multi-million dollar facility, and contains New Zealand′s Green Lipped Mussel Extract which brings relief from symptoms of Arthritis and helps maintain healthy joints. This product is truly revolutionary in its history of development and the benefit it gives to arthritis sufferers. Today, this product is sold worldwide and is one of the most well researched nutraceuticals in the world with more than 30 published research papers and studies. It is also the first time in the history of mankind, when the sea has been farmed to find a remedy to a debilitating disease of our time like Arthritis.

Continuing with our business philosophy and our belief in 'Health from the Seas', we introduced 2 more marine products under the Permavet brand family – Omegatone® Natural Fish Oil & Squalin® Deep Sea Shark Liver Oil Extract – each of which is a ‘natural powerhouse’ with the potential to bring significant health benefit to its users.

Now in 2019, we have extended our portfolio to introduce a range designed specially for pets under the brand family Permavet to bring our experience of 16+ years in specialised nutraceuticals to help alleviate debilitating & general health problems seen commonly in household pets (cats & dogs) like Degenerative Joints Disease (DJD), Arthritis, Skin & Coat problems, Allergies & Immunity issues.

If your pet is suffering from any of these ailments, please do get in touch with our team and we would love to assist in the well-being of your loved one.

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